1,242 businesses dissolve in the UK each day according to Companies House…

…But only 4% of the survivors make it to the £1 million turnover mark.

London Coach of the Year
(every year since 2009)

2 x International Stevie Award Winner
Top Ranked ActionCOACH every year

At this intensive online workshop, you will discover the formula that Shweta Jhajharia has used to coach her clients in London over the last decade to help the achieve predictable double-digit growth.

This is the system that has won Shweta’s London Coaching Firm the Global Best Client Results award as well as London Coaching Practice of the Year since 2009.

But even more than that…


Shweta will explain the 6 essential elements for business growth that she developed through training and improving hundreds of businesses.


You won’t just spend the entire workshop “learning” – you will be given tasks and asked to complete them. Education means little without action.


Implement the actions you plan at the workshop, and see the results for yourself. Sustainable growth is almost certainly possible for you right now.

They’re all talking about it…

Here are just a few of the comments we have received about Shweta’s workshops and coaching.

“Thank you that was brilliant.” Kris Gallo, JJG

“Thank you Shweta – looks like a very positive programme and just what many of us need.” Phil Mallinson, WISE Worksafe

“Thank you Shweta! It’s always inspiring listening to you.” Kalpana Gurung, Satsung Ltd.

“Excellent 15 out of 10!! Very good practical examples. Interactive session. Session didn’t sound theoretical” Carine Grascher, Director, Workwiz

“This coaching may have saved our business” Lesley Alexander, Jazzwise

“Great Workshop! Would recommend it to people who are willing to get better results and would commit to implementing their learnings in their everyday life.” Maja Zeilinska, Coach

“Excellent overall. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.” Richard Latterman, IFA

“High energy session – thanks very much.”Alan Watson

“I have seen other business coaches, and London Coaching Group was definitely the one for us to go for. And it’s been a massive benefit for our company.” Darren Searles, Key Account Manager, JJ Roofing

“A super inspiring 90 minutes! Thank you Shweta!” Samantha Twomey, Arts Project Management Limited

“I have asked around the team and have had some great feedback. People said that it was good to have a referesher on important techniques and good to learn new strategies as well.” Craig Dessoy, Hugo Oliver Ltd

“This is gold!” Clive Bean, CBV Datanet

“[This has] enabled me to really sit back and take a bigger, wider view of the business.” Karen Howes, CEO, Taylor Howes Designs

“Thank you very much for organizing yesterday’s course.  Having initially wondered if it might be at too simple a level, it turned out to be a very helpful refresher of some important basics and has also sparked a few new ideas. Courses of this nature are a really good idea; thanks again.” Vernon Hadida, Thomas Dunton Solicitors

“Was good to have a programme that delivered what was advertised.” Imwen Eike, The Brick Box

“A very good webinar – thank you. Very articulate and clear presentation. A timely kick in the backside for me!!!” Alex Freeman

What You Will Learn At This Business Training Webinar

We understand that there are many online business training events you may want to attend. This is unlike any business training you have been to before.

This gives you access to an actual business coaching training session – the exact same kind we deliver to our clients. You will experience the full level of knowledge that Shweta brings to the table. All at an exceptionally subsidised rate.

During your online business workshop with Shweta you will discover…

  • 6 essential elements that successful, growing businesses focus on.
  • How to identify an unsustainable business model in 3 steps.
  • Techniques for unlocking controlled and consistent lead flow in your business.
  • The way to turn your marketing into an investment – and give yourself unlimited marketing budget.
  • 4 of the ‘levers’ that you can push right now to see immediate turnover increases.
  • The way your personal development can lead to benefits for the entire business.

Reserve Your ‘Seat’

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