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A lot of business owners want to make it big, but only a few do. Shweta Jhajharia is brutally honest about what it takes to make it big.

In SPARKS, Shweta draws on tested and proven strategies and stories to offer powerful ideas for sustainable double-digit growth.

Her practical advice is grounded in her experiences of personally working with hundreds of business owners. In this page-turning guide to personal and business growth, you will learn how to:

  • Create an unlimited marketing budget
  • Deal with your worst employees who may even be your best people
  • Develop a mindset for growth
  • Implement the 4Ds of productivity
  • Make high-impact decisions using the B.R.A.I.N. model

Shweta Jhajharia is a serial entrepreneur, an international business speaker and a leading global business coach.

She is a multi-award winner including 2 prestigious International Stevie awards, Millionaire Coach Award, British Franchise Association’s Judges Award and has been featured by more than 50 media outlets including BBC, FT Adviser, City AM, Training Journal, Evening Standardand Management Today.

The ideas in this book have worked for many businesses. These sparks have the potential of transforming your business, if you let them.

What People Are Saying About SPARKS

“I am a firm believer that the more you learn, the more you earn. And what better way to learn than from one of the top business coaches in the world.

Shweta’s intelligence, depth of knowledge and experience and dedication to the craft of business building shine forth in this brilliant book for anyone running a business. It is full of great takeaways – irrespective of how long you’ve been running a business and in several places even eye-opening. A must-read for any business owner who wants to grow!”

Brad Sugars
Founder & Chairman, ActionCOACH

“Shweta Jhajharia is a dynamic coach who has transformed many businesses and individuals for the better. SPARKS is filled with common sense, accessible advice that will put you on the same path to success.”

Marshall Goldsmith
Executive Coach, Business Educator, and NYT Best-Selling Author, Ranked Number One Leadership Thinker in the World by Thinkers 50

“This book gives you a step-by-step blueprint to start, build, manage or turn around any business. It can make you rich!”

Brian Tracy
Author of Million Dollar Habits

“Shweta Jhajharia distills the essentials of what it takes to run a business into six core areas and then goes on to help the reader gain real insight into each in a very accessible way. This is a book you will want to read and re-read as you face the constant challenges of running a business.”

Laura Frost
Director, Aspect Commercial Flooring

“Working with Shweta has enabled me to grow my business and really sit back and take a bigger, wider view of the business. I started the journey as a manager, with coaching I quickly moved on to be a leader and am now an entrepreneur and investor – something I could not have imagined at the start and my goals are much higher than before.

Reading SPARKS is like talking to Shweta. You get clear, practical and actionable ideas and walk away with clear next steps!”

Karen Howes
CEO, Taylor Howes Designs

“As a connector of people and ideas, I read a lot of books on business and personal success and I can confidently say that very few of them can deliver the structure and clarity that Shweta does in SPARKS.”

Dr. Ivan Misner
NYT Best-Selling Author & Founder of BNI

“If ever a book for business owners and entrepreneurs had a great title, SPARKS is it!

I’ve had the enormous pleasure of seeing Shweta live — she’s an extraordinary presenter in so many ways, not least because she brings the magic of structure into everything she does. And now, at last, she’s brought structure upon structure into this great book.

It won’t just give you the sparks that we all need in these amazing times, it’ll make sure those sparks ignite a significantly better business than the one you’re running right now or indeed, the one you’re intending to build.

Grab it, go with it, flow with it. Like me, you’ll love it. And you’ll love where it takes you too.

Paul Dunn
Co Founder & Chairman, Buy1GIVE1

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