Now that you have systems in place and your business is growing, do you have the right team to support you? You need to find superstars who will do their job without constant supervision so that you can focus on the higher-level business growth work, rather than firefighting and micromanaging. Finding these superstars is not as difficult as you may initially think and it does not require an extended recruitment period.

There is a simple recruitment process you can follow to ensure you fill your team with the best people for the job.

In this video, I explain the 3 critical questions you need to ask yourself in order to start your recruitment process in the best way:

Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything I said in the video as text: Hi this is Shweta from London Coaching Group. What I want to talk about today is recruitment and what is the right approach to actually increase the chances of finding the right candidate for the business.

How business owners typically plan out the job description during Recruitment

What I have seen very often is that business owners say they figure out that yes there is a gap in the organisation and they put some kind of job description together, and the common thought process is that ‘We’ll put the induction or the key activities or the targets in place on we find the right candidate.’

What I tell my clients

Now I just want you to turn this on its head, and think it just the other way around. What I always coach my clients on and what they do – if you have seen some real good results from this is actually doing the hard work right at the beginning.

What is the business’ objective?

Actually assuming that this candidate is on board, and what is the target that this person has? What is the business objective which needs to be met through this person? And then the next level of questioning is for the business objectives to be met, what are the key activities that will have to be undertaken? What are the key performance indicators?

Figuring out what essentials the right candidate should have in order to be a success

Now with these two questions answered and with the level of clarity that one has now that a real thought through job description is put in place. And not with the long list of good to have things like; you have good communication skills, a negotiator, and initiative taker, self-reliant. All that stuff is good to have and we want all of those things. But you start questioning saying; what are key essentials that this person must have to meet those business objectives to undertake those key activities and to be a success.

What can happen once you change your approach?

Now, once you start changing your approach and start looking at recruitment with the end result first, and then get on with hiring the candidates – the chances of finding the right candidate for your business. It just shoots up, and gives you the right results in your business.

Fill your team with superstars in 4 hours

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