Do You Have a Plan for This Year?

Well, most plans are generally of no use. Yes, you read that right. Your plan isn’t what you really need. It only provides an illusion of control. The key is not creating a plan, but learning how to plan, so you can remain flexible and adaptable. To plan is a verb, not a noun.

For the last 6 years, we have been working with a group of elite clients, getting down there right beside them, showing them how to build a complete plan to grow their businesses. We provided them with exclusive tools and strategies that teach the hows and whys of business planning, so they can feel confident facing any unforeseen challenges to come.

However, we came to a few realisations:

  • Too many businesses think business plans are just for a business loan, and while it’s an important document for that purpose it is definitely not the only purpose and should definitely be more useful to you than that!
  • Most businesses don’t even have a written business plan, and a survey conducted by the Kauffman Centre of Entrepreneurial Leadership says that they’re missing out on 50% of sales growth and 12% higher gross profit margins!
  • Most business owners blame themselves and try to work harder to change their mindset when growth slows down. But nothing changes because it isn’t your mindset that’s the problem; it’s the MODEL. Instead of running faster, you need to get off the hamster wheel first!

When these things became clear to us, we realised it was time to open up the doors and introduce new business owners to these tools and help more businesses get on the right track.

Meet The Clients

4 Reasons Why A Good Business Plan is Critical

1. To Help You GROW

According to the survey conducted by the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, companies with a written business plan have 50% greater sales growth and 12% higher gross profit margins than companies without them.

Does that seem astounding to you? Not to us – that makes perfect sense to us. When you build a good business plan, it becomes clear where the opportunities for growth have been hiding. It also gives prospective investors confidence in the growth of your company so you can secure external funding, if you need to.


You actually never know what is going to happen in the future. Your business plan is NOT designed as a definite path, but as a guide to correct actions and to give you the right strategies to keep you on track, no matter what bumps you encounter on the road.

3. To Give Yourself A REALITY CHECK

A business plan is not a wish list. It creates real, tangible and achievable goals along with actions to reach those goals. Your business plan lets you assess where you and your industry are now and plan out the next steps accordingly.

4. To Give Your Team CLEAR GOALS

Knowing what you’re working towards provides the motivation to get there. Your business plan isn’t only important for your own higher-level strategising, but is also a critical document for your team. It should lay our clear performance indicators for them as well as displaying how their personal achievements fit into the broader plan.

It’s a simple fact – businesses with a good business plan do better than those without one. Better in profit, better in sales, better in team retention and better in longevity. That’s the bottom line.

What Do You Get?







When you come to the Strategic Growth Intensive, you will get the same sort of treatment we give to our elite clients. That means you get just as much attention and training as our long-term clients.

This high-impact session is divided into two sections:

  • 30% is spent on learning effective strategies and systems that will help you build, tweak and execute an effective business plan.
  • 70% of our time will be spent on planning, actually sitting down and detailing out a year of growth for your business.

We will be providing you with a complete workbook that will let you create a quarter by quarter plan. This workbook will also have the 357 strategies and 72 systems that are designed to help your business grow further than you ever thought possible.

We usually run this event for a full day for our clients. Lunch will be included, to provide an opportunity for you to mingle with like-minded business owners.

All of this training – which we can and have charged in the past up to £5000 for – is currently available for a rather small investment considering the potential gain (as long as you implement your learning).

And There’s A Guarantee…

This will be a day of our very best, you can be assured of that. However, 2 hours into the session we will give you the opportunity to let us know you aren’t satisfied. You can then return all the materials to us and leave with a complete refund. Additionally, we’ll even give you £5 as a thank you for giving it a shot.

“I’m Ready! Book Me In!”

Hold your horses. While this business planning session may sound like it’s for absolutely any entrepreneur, we must also stress that this is quite an advanced session. There are a few criteria you should meet if you really want to benefit from this session:

  • My business is more than just an idea – I am already in the game.

    This business planning session isn’t for people who are thinking about getting into business or hoping to raise finance to start-up. This isn’t about building an initial feasibility plan; it is about helping already successful businesses, and businesses with an established market need, become even stronger.

  • I am not lower-level management, I’m a decision maker in the company.

    This is a session that requires a complete understanding of your company, which means you need to be someone who makes the higher level decisions if this is going to be useful to you.

  • I am serious about taking my company to the next level.

    Many companies are happy to continue at the rate they’ve already achieved, because it’s steady, safe and it’s working for them. That is totally ok. However, if that’s the case, this business planning session isn’t for you.

  • I have the time to commit a full day to this.

    There’s no point coming to the session if you are going to have to leave halfway through for any other reason than that it’s not working for you. And we’re absolutely sure it’s going to work for you – otherwise we’ll give you your money back – so make sure you can put aside the time.

If you can check all those boxes then there’s only one thing I ask of you. If you sign up, show up. Seats to this training are limited, so if you take a seat, it means someone else misses out.


They’re All Talking About It

Other business owners (some who are not clients) have already experienced the power of the Strategic Planning Day. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“I was a bit concerned before coming to the session – although it isn’t massively expensive, it is money out of the business to pay for these intensive courses.

I’ve been incredibly impressed with covering a lot of ground very quickly. I have a lot of things I can take from the course back to my business and implement them and I think it’ll improve what I’m doing.

We worked on time management which I think is particularly important for myself because I work very hard in my business but I’m not sure I’m working particularly effectively so hopefully I’m going to become more effective in the workplace.”

– Zack Newman, Director

“Before I came here, I was worried that I wasn’t covering the most important parts of the business. I needed an overall picture of all the different facets of my business. I’ve found the session fantastic, really interesting – exactly what I was expecting. What I would say is that if you are at the stage where you want to grow effectively and see what are the next steps you need to do, this would be a fantastic starting point.”

– Arif, Managing Director

“I was initially unsure whether there was a single template for all the different types of businesses before I came to this planning session. But I came to this session after the webinar as I thought the webinar was very interesting, with many ideas which I hadn’t thought about before on growing the business.

Now I have come away with very good action points which I’m hoping to implement, and certainly with some very good ideas about improving the business and measuring the business – and that’s key to everything!”

– Abdul Afghan, Director

“My number one focus after having this meeting and learning all these new things is actually delegating a lot of things that I’m doing and identifying who can actually take some of those smaller responsibilities.

Also, restructuring in order to have a stronger driving force and also creating a dashboard so that I can continuously check different statistics and information about how the business is currently doing.”

– Faith Johnson, Managing Director & Founder

“I learnt that I need to be more serious about my business, to show it the respect it deserves, to work on it more than in it and to respect and value my own time.”

– Sylma Laviniere, Managing Director

“When I came to this workshop I thought I would not know as much as the others and would struggle a lot. But it was really good because it went at a perfect pace and if there was anything I was unsure of I was helped. I found it really informative and I’ve got a lot to do when I get back. I found I was really comfortable and I never felt out of my depth.

For the people who are going to do a session in the future, I’d say to come with an open mind and not be worried – and that it’s worth every penny!”

– Charlie Reynolds, Director

“Being in business, we all carry particular blind spots. We just do things. I think when you’re a maverick in business, where you just do things because you’re the boss, there eventually comes a time where you need structure and order. Because without order, things just don’t grow.

I found this session very insightful and very useful. Everything in my business needs to be systemised, not only to create better clarity for myself, but also to let other people know what needs to be done.”

– Trevor Moses, Managing Director

A few moments from previous Strategic Planning Days


A high-impact planning intensive for business owners who are serious about growth, which includes a complete workbook to plan quarter-by-quarter with 357 strategies and 72 tools.

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