The Leadership Training Programme is held in London and designed specifically to enhance senior manager performance. Leadership is recognised as a core skill for senior managers and this UK leadership training programme, based in London, provides an intensive look at what is required to lead a team and a business.

The Leadership Training Programme will build the skills required to take leadership abilities to the next level. Leadership training is one of the parts we focus on most heavily in Executive Coaching. The programme is highly interactive and uses case studies, discussion groups and practical exercises.

Our offices are based in London, but the Leadership Training Programme can be accessed from anywhere in the UK.

Over the course of 12 sessions in 6 months, you will be trained and build a solid foundation of the techniques and skills essential for effective leadership in today’s business environment.


  • Understanding and setting business and personal SMART goals.
  • Goal alignment.
  • Creating a business plan.

You will understand how to set goals that are aligned with the other goals in your life and business and set them in such a way that they actually help you achieve more. This then helps you to construct a business plan that gives you a map to increase the longevity of your business.

  • Creating your Vision and BHAG.
  • The power of purpose.
  • Setting organisational values.

It is important that your business has a direction. This is often guided by a core culture. In this session you’ll understand the power that a clear vision and set of values can have throughout your business. You will then construct the culture for your business and learn how to keep that culture alive.

  • Escaping energy-sapping micromanagement.
  • Motivating your team to achieve more – without you.
  • Building a peak performing team.

Here you will learn the signs to watch for indicating a broken team management model. You’ll learn what’s wrong with traditional motivators and learn a new incentive structure that can motivate your team without breathing down their necks. You will also come to understand what your team expects from you as a leader, and how you can get them to achieve what you expect of them.

  • The 4-Hour recruitment process.
  • How to interview candidates.
  • On-boarding and incentivising.

You’ll learn a very simple recruitment system that will quite literally revolutionise your hiring. This system will help you wade through the CVs, speed up the interviewing process and help you put together a superstar team.

  • Organisation structure.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and outcomes.
  • Reviews and appraisals.

Once you’ve hired a superstar and they’ve started work, your job is not finished. Retaining employees takes careful internal strategy and processes. These tested and proven methods will help you track your team’s efficiency while encouraging them to achieve more and keeping your staff turnover rate low.

  • Meetings – how many & how long?
  • The meeting agenda.
  • The structure of an effective meeting.

When people hear team meetings, they often groan. The fact is the frequency, style, length and importance of team meetings changes as your business grows and evolves. You have to learn how to manage and structure your team meetings to optimise them for your business.

  • The correct and incorrect ways to delegate.
  • Delegation vs. abdication.
  • The importance of systematic reviews.

If you want to see your business grow, you need to allow others to handle parts of it without you. However, as leader, you must also ensure that the systems within the business are working properly. That is why you will learn the proven systems and strategies that will help you delegate, not abdicate.

  • The 5 steps to profitability
  • The power of scripts
  • Sales strategies that work

Once you have leads, you need to have a system in place to convert those incoming enquiries into sales. You will learn how to build a machine that consistently generates sales from the enquiries you’re gathering. A funnel that flows smoothly.

  • Establishing and communicating the USP of your business
  • Developing a customer loyalty programme
  • Creating raving fans by understanding the loyalty ladder

Creating a process for your marketing is far easier than it seems. You’ll learn how to choose effective marketing channels, how to create a flow of leads rather than seeking them out, and how to create a tap so that you can control that flow. All in a very automated, systematic way.

  • The DiSC behavioural profile.
  • Understanding team dynamics using DiSC.
  • Improving Team Communication.
  • Reading people’s prominent behavioural styles.

DiSC is a personal assessment tool that will help you improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. By using this non-judgemental methodology, you can figure out how to optimise your team’s performance and make sure you give each of your team members the ideal environment for them to flourish.

  • Understanding the three key financial statements that monitor your business
  • Creating a scoreboard for your business
  • Identifying the numbers that matter

It is critical that you understand which figures you should be focused on so that you are making decisions that are best for your business, financially. In this session, you’ll learn the ‘language of money’ and learn how to read, understand and use financial statements to make strategic business decisions.

  • The productivity secrets of the super successful
  • Important vs urgent – prioritising your time
  • Leverage – doing work once now and creating systems
  • Creating a default diary

Tried and tested with thousands of businesses worldwide, at this session we’ll share with you the best practical strategies and tools to make the best use of your time. The most successful people don’t work more, they work better – and here’s how they do it.

All sessions will include access to training material, further learning, hand-outs and workbooks where required. The programme also allows access to the ActionCOACH online video library with 100+ business management videos. Session topics and content are subject to change.

They’re All Talking About It…

“The course was excellent. Very, very good.”
– Emanuel Orobator, The Sports Coach Ltd


“I was immediately impressed by the professional approach and innovative ideas.”
– Jane Holman, South East Enterprise


“I found the course extremely useful…it will add additional resource to our mastery stage.”
– Maxin Gyasi, First Choice Bakers

“The course taught me the value of having SMART goals, the five ways strategy plan to increase revenue and gross profit and how to go about it.”
– Nicky Coker, Childville Centres


“Was good to have a programme that delivered what was advertised.”
– Imwen Eike, The Brick Box


“Very illuminating and straight to the point.”
– Addey, Consultant



The investment for the 6-month Leadership Training Programme is £4,000 + VAT per person and we also have payment plans available.

You can send us a direct email or call us on 0207 627 1234.

You will also be able to check your eligibility for the government funding.