What are the first five words that come to mind when you think of a sales person?

If the five words that consistently come to your mind are negative – guess what – you probably do not like sales because of your negative beliefs about it.

Ultimately, almost every business will need to consider sales and marketing in some form if they are going to become successful, no matter what the business owner’s belief about sales.

My job as a coach is to help you succeed. Sometimes, this is through techniques and strategies or implementing some simple actions, such as helping your sales team to ask the right kinds of sales questions or ensuring that you hire the right kind of salespeople.

Often, however, it requires a shift of mindset, not just actions.

In this video, I explain how we define sales so that we, and our clients, are operating in the right mindset:

Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything I said in the video as text:

What is Your Definition of Sales?

Now you know very well that every business needs good profitable sales to move forward. At the same time I’ve come across some very interesting reactions and responses to the word sales.

When I ask business owners “What comes to your mind when I say sales?” than actually think about it for yourself – what comes to your mind when I say sales. I’m sure you thought about that.

I’ve got some very interesting responses from people – it varies from saying cheesy, pushy, money, helping people to having an agenda – you can see,  right, the whole spectrum of responses here. Now look, the fact is what you think about sales pretty much reflects on your sales team and on the performance of your company. And whether it’s good or bad, whatever it is, let’s go back to the fundamentals.

Sales is an Educational Process

If you think about what is the core purpose of having a business – for any business what is the core purpose. It is actually about providing solutions to people.

So adding value and getting value in return. And therefore if sales is the mechanism, is a way to reach out to our prospects, to actually sit down or interact with them to help them with their needs and requirements, then actually sales is an education process to help your prospects to make the right decisions for themselves.

And with that definition why would we not like sales? Why would we not reach out to people to help them to actually provide them with the solution that they need? In fact, you know what? I would love to know what is your definition, what do you think about sales and how do you work in your business with your team with this concept.

So I’m sure can leave a comment right under the section which you’re seeing. I would love to hear from you and meanwhile make sure you work with the right concept and leave your team with the right essence.


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