Large corporations, especially ones in such a globally connected city like London, must rely on executives to do their work and run their teams efficiently. The position of executive comes with a weight of responsibility and a duty to maintaining the company’s integrity. If they are to achieve this at the highest standard, they need to remain on top of the latest and most efficient ways of performing their job.

Executive coaching in London requires a certain amount of finesse. There is a specific set of strategies that help, in particular, CEOs and senior-level managers to maintain a high standard of work through efficient leadership.

But what is Executive Coaching?

Before we can answer how we will help you or your executive team, one of our executive coaches will evaluate where you and your business are at the moment. We will then construct and execute the correct executive coaching program to help you train to become better. Quickly, your skills will be brought alive, the company overall benefits from your presence and you are quickly recognised by those above you.

Our executive training courses include our structured and proven Leadership Training Programme, our Strategic Planning Sessions, the 6 Steps to Better Business Workshop as well as any customised executive coaching courses required for your business.

We will also explore whether your company can benefit from government funding schemes and training programs to ensure that the training costs on the company are as minimal as possible. Click here to find out if your business is eligible for the ActionCOACH Business Grants.

Executive coaching is all about personal development

Executive coaching consultants are often more heavily focused on the corporate culture of the company, and the systems that the business has in place. While this may be important, the truth is if you want executives in a company to achieve their full potential, then change needs to start at a personal level.

London Coaching Group is an award-winning (learn more about our awards here) coaching and consultancy firm with significant experience coaching business owners and executives in growth strategies. We are able to help executives seek out the soaring careers that they crave and deserve, while synchronising that with the company’s purpose and vision.

Executive coaching consultants should inspire motivation to lead

Almost any executive knows that they need to set a good example for their employees in order to boost productivity. Similarly, we lead by example, and show you how to stay motivated in providing your own leadership.

We encourage positive, focused attitudes using specific approaches that will be tailored to your company’s goals and your team’s KPIs. Ensuring you have your responsibilities in a tight grip will contribute definitively to the company’s success, and your own personal career growth.

The case for an executive coach

Very often, businesses who are new to the field of executive coaching will ask us exactly what benefits they can expect after having undergone a professional training program such as ours. After having helped 000’s of businesses across London and beyond build better leaders within their executive team, here are some of the benefits we’ve found that you’re most likely to experience:

Unbiased and objective feedback – Senior level employees know it all too well that once you’ve been at a certain managerial role for an extended period of time, it becomes more difficult to see things objectively as they’re simply too close to the business and know it all too well. Whilst this has obvious benefits such as greater efficiency and productivity, the downside to this is that it becomes harder to identify bottlenecks within the systems or processes, sense the need for a change in certain businesses functions and perhaps, above all, inability to sense if what you’ve successfully done to get to where you are is in fact what will take your business to the next level. Executive coaching can help avoid this blind spot and give you an accurate picture of what needs to be done.

An expert ear to turn to – Even the best of us wouldn’t be where we are without the help and support of others. Having a coach by your side is extremely beneficial when you need business advice that is bespoke and likely tailored to your own strategic goals and objectives. Equally important is for you to know that the advice you’re getting is from someone who has a proven track record of helping many other businesses just like you to achieve their full potential.

Avoiding costly mistakes – You don’t have the time to make all the mistakes you need to, to take your organisation to the next level and having an executive coach will help reduce the time and resources spent to take you from where you are to where you need to get to. Time and time again, our coaching clients tell us that a certain piece of advice they received from us has helped save them significantly, in terms of time and cost. And, the reason we’re able to offer this quality of expertise is simply because we have the benefit of hindsight from experience from our years of business coaching numerous other businesses just like you.