87% Of Teams Are Disengaged

Across the world, only 13% of employees feel connected to their workplaces and their missions. 67% of people are feeling “checked out” and aren’t enthusiastic.

20% of the global workforce is actively acting to undermine their company and hamper productivity and morale.

For any business coach anywhere in the world, next to marketing, team engagement and team management are the number one priorities of the vast majority of their clients.

“This is the next generation of business coaching.”

Bring back the energy your employees had on that first day…and then some!

  • 12 sessions held in-house, directly with you and your team.
  • No pens and paper – all action-based, neurologically-designed exercises.
  • Sessions are fun and personal to bring the team into the same boat.
  • Create greater accountability, encourage innovation, and build a culture of support in your business.

“I’m too busy – I’ll sort out the team engagement later. We just need to focus on sales now.”

This is often the death knell of a team – when the leader of the business is completely disregarding the team’s engagement because sales are declining or it is a ‘busy’ time of year.

How much profit / growth are you losing in your business through your team refusing to perform at their best?

You can look at this as ensuring that you are getting the most return out of your most costly resource that you currently invest in – people!

If you ignore the signs of disengagement in your team, the effect compounds itself, and the chances of you losing your best talent increases exponentially.

And once you lose them, imagine the costs in both time and money of having to do further recruitment and training to replace them!

Isn’t it smarter to fix the problem while it’s still just a problem and before it becomes a disaster?

Case Study: Construction Business

Main Issues:

  • Managers tended to work in ‘silos’ rather than as a cohesive team.
  • There was an imbalance in performance amongst managers.
  • Animosity between managers was brewing.
  • High-performing managers were becoming disenchanted with the overall organisation.

What We Focused On:

  • The ultimate goal was to get managers to be more productive as a whole.
  • Worked specifically on raising respect between the management group.
  • Focused on reconnecting their work with the focus & goals of the organisation and individuals.
  • Highlighted how each individual’s work contributed together towards the results of the entire organisation.
  • Empowered them with some pure leadership training on how to speak to and motivate their teams.

The Results:

  • We saw a massive leap from the overall engagement score taken at the beginning of the program compared to the end.
  • Specific actions were taken on a marketing project for a particular store that resulted in tangible sales increases.
  • Overall morale improvement and visible social connection between managers that was absent before.
  • Previously underperforming managers now meeting KPIs more regularly.

“They were a bit doubtful that it was actually going to work. As the program went on they got more and more engaged… It’s definitely brought the team together.

The big thing is we’ve actually actioned things… It’s made a difference, we’ve increased the sales in that branch.

It’s getting the guys engaged, getting them thinking as a team rather than as individual units.”

Graham Hill
Managing Director

“The first session, the guys weren’t so forthcoming with the ideas and information that they had. But by the time we got to about session 4 to 6, we saw a bit of movement and shifting. By the time we got to session 8 there were a couple of gears and green lights going on.

By the time we finished the program there were some real positive changes in the company. The communication, the freedom. It’s been good. Very good.”


“We’ve had much better communication amongst the team… Instead of it being them and us, it’s now just us. Which is a really positive thing… Everyone is really helping each other a lot more.

I was very skeptical at the beginning, but as it’s gone on, the benefits of the Engage and Grow program are immense.

We’ve all learned so much and it can only do us good for the future.”


“The team has become more accountable to each other. We’re all looking at what each other are doing more and we’re motivated by the fact that we are all looking at each other.

I feel like I’ve become accountable to myself… I set myself tasks… and on completion of those tasks, you kind of feel like you’re making progress towards a bigger goal and making a difference in the business.”


“I’ve been more open-minded to staff and colleague’s feelings.

Before it was they were just work colleagues and I had no interest in knowing them personally.

Now I’m more happy to get to know people on a personal level, which helps us grow as a business because we’re more willing to help each other.”


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