Complimentary Session

Book a Complimentary Strategy Session

Find out first hand how business coaching with Shweta Jhajharia could lead to increases in profits for your business.

4-Hour Recruitment Process

This the fast, effective process that we have developed to help find and hire superstars to help your run your business.

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Business Valuation

Business Valuation

Knowing what your business is worth is critical to making smart business decisions.

5 Ways to Get Your Next Big Client

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Break-Even Calculator

Use this tool to perform some really effective break-even analysis so you can make informed decisions about pricing and profit-enhancing choices.

DiSC Profile & Core Assessments

Get one or more core assessments for your employees or yourself to determine how to improve communication, motivation and efficiency in your workplace.

Business Plan Writing

Business Plan Writing

We can help you write your business plan so that over the next year, you have a clear path towards growth and success.

Business Health Check

Break-Even Calculator

A free report to diagnose blockages and highlight possible areas of growth in your business.

5 Levers to Grow Your Business