Spend Less Time, Get Better People

Recruitment can be a time-consuming task, even when you have the help of a recruitment agency. Trying to filter through all the CVs, matching them to your specific requirements, conducting endless interviews – it can suck up all your time just to try and find a decent team member.

Even after all that time spent, you often end up with someone mediocre to fill the role and the whole thing seemed like a waste of time.

As with anything in business, it’s all about building a good process.  Working with hundreds of businesses, we have developed a recruitment process that works. We have successfully assisted business owners to place thousands of people into jobs that were not only right for them but also exactly what the business needed.

This recruitment process is now available for business owners to have and follow.

This will cut down the time you spend on recruitment dramatically, while, by the nature of it, ensuring that you end up with some of the best candidates in the market. It is a process we developed in order to make the expansion of your business and team a painless experience.

After all, hiring new employees should be an exciting venture, not a chore.

BONUS: Hiring Superstars Exclusive Training

Not only do you get the full pack of materials below, allowing you to understand and execute the 4-Hour Recruitment Process, but you will also get a FREE training webinar.

This is the kind of webinar which is normally only exclusively available to our business coaching clients. These highly detailed trainings are typically valued at £297 + VAT per webinar – but we feel if you want to take full advantage of this process, it will help to have this training, so we are giving it to you free alongside the process.

Not Just A Process – All Materials Included

Recruitment Process eBook

A complete eBook that details every stage of the process, and includes an overview checklist for you to follow.

Email Templates

Complete templates that require minimal editing for you to be ready to start your process.

Forms & Scripts

All the forms your candidates need to fill out and scripts you need are white-labelled and ready to be used.


We also include examples of contracts and agreements you will need to ensure you have everything in place.

Why Trust Our Recruitment Process?

Recognised Quality

Shweta Jhajharia’s business coaching company is based in London and has coached hundreds of businesses in the last 8 years.

Shweta is multi-award winning, including London Business Coach of the Year every year since 2009 along with Europe, Middle East and Africa Coach of the Year, Global Best Client Results, Franchisee of the Year, and Fastest Growing Company. She was also recently ranked #16 in the World’s Top Professional Coaches by the independent research organisation, Global Gurus.

Not only that, but our clients consistently win awards of their own, making ours the most awarded client base in Europe. You can see the full list of awards and accolades here.

Satisfied Customers

It is rare, if ever, that we leave customers unsatisfied with the results they get from business coaching. Many have stayed on our coaching programs far longer than they expected to because they have seen real change in their business and in their personal lives.

We have a huge bank of impact stories where our customers talk about how their situations were dramatically improved by our coaching.

On one of our group coaching calls, a client said, “Used the 4-hour recruitment process, it’s fantastic, highly recommend this to all.  Second interviews planned for skills testing tomorrow and Thursday.”

Real Results

Numbers don’t lie. The average of 41% annual profit growth that our clients achieve makes it crystal clear the real, significant impact that our strategies have on businesses.

We have personally tried and tested our strategies with hundreds of businesses.

We are so confident in them that we offer our business coaching clients a guarantee that if their increase in gross profit does not equal or exceed their investment in business coaching, we will pay the differential.

It’s this simple: we know our processes and strategies work.

The Most Affordable Recruitment Process

Since this is a DIY process, where we deliver you all the material and you implement the system yourself, this means that our costs are low and the value you receive is high.

In this way, we can ensure that our price is incredibly affordable so that even the smallest business can benefit from this process.

The 4-Hour Recruitment Process

  • Complete 4-Hour Recruitment Process
  • Editable Email Templates
  • White-labelled Forms & Scripts
  • Examples of Contracts & Agreements
  • BONUS: Hiring Superstars Exclusive Training Webinar

£47 + VAT

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